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The 2014 season kicked off over the past weekend with a meeting of owners and drivers.  Following are some of the changes coming up for the MSA organization this season.  If you have any questions please contact Kevin Jaycox at: 440-213-7003


2014 Owner Payout:

1)      Contingent on Bio-Based Sponsorship coming through prior to season starting.

2)      Purse increased 5th on back $100.

3)      Starting  increase to $400.

4)      No Contract Cars this year, same purse for all.  Will speed up payout at end of night.

5)      All Owners and Drivers must be members.  Membership form enclosed and also available on MSA Website.


2014 Sponsors:


*Adkins Glass

*Hoosier Tires

               We will have again in 2014 a drawing during the Driver’s Meeting where previous race 6th through finished places will participate.  If finish pulled, you will receive a certificate for a FREE RR Tire.

Sandusky Speedway

               We will have again in 2014 a drawing during the Driver’s Meeting where previous race 6th through finished places will participate.  If finished pulled, you will receive $250 along with your payout that night.  

*Save room on your wings for these sponsors decals.



1)      Copy Enclosed (also can be found on MSA Website).

2)      Discussions taking place now around scheduling an M-40 race.  If scheduled will be same purse as Auto City.

3)      Auto City confirmed just need to work on date.


Procedural and Rule Changes:



o   Current:  LF Free / 2 Tire Rule

o   New: LF No longer free.  2 Tire Rule only.  First two races and Toledo 4 Tire Rule Only like every year.  Kevin Jaycox will pick 3 additional races in which a left front tire may be purchased.

o   Bar Code System for Tires for use on Race Night Only being reviewed by Dan Zirzow and Denny Watts.

o   Not attending first two races, two tires must run through hot laps and heat races if you have no stenciled tires.

o   Kevin working with Hoosier on a new RR tire compound.  Testing will take place mid-April (date TBD and will be emailed).  McVetta, Bodnar, Henes, Stout, Palmer, May and Ehrhart volunteers to date for this test.    

Points Structure:

Heat Races:       

Current:  Points for Heat Races

New:  Points for Qualifying and Feature only.  Points will no longer be given for heat races.  Heat race finishes will be used for inversion feature line up only.  Able to run any previously stenciled tires that’s not new in your heat race.



MSA will be working with ISMA and ultimately both series will have same rule.  Leaning towards a two element wing and clarifying width measurement.  Three element wing approved for 2014.

Shock Absorbers:

Concern with costs and how to control.  Looking for suggestions on how to control and reduce spending on shocks, but needs to be able to be enforced.

6” Rule:

Aligning with ISMA which does not have a 6” Rule.  2050 lbs. with driver and maximum 67.999 left-side percentage being implemented for 2014.  (Denny Watts/Doug Dock to update Rule Book.)


Gear Rule: 

o   A gear rule will be implemented in 2014 at all race tracks.  Please email and or contact Kevin Jaycox with your suggestions no later than Mon., 1/27/14. 

o   Gear rule will be for both short and regular strokes.

o   Small blocks TBD on handling.

o   Kevin Jaycox to randomly check tachs first few races.  He will be viewing for average RPM’s.


Misc. Notes:

o   Stock valve angle in rule book incorrect, needs corrected. (Denny Watts / Doug Dock “to do”) 

o   IX Car Show Lorain County Speedway looking for a supermodified.  Please email Dan Zirzow if interested

o   Sandusky Mall Car Show, Kevin Jaycox looking for two supermodifieds.  Please contact Kevin Jaycox if interested

Questions and/or concerns with any topics addressed in this email can be directed to Kevin Jaycox.  We thanks those that took the time to attend this meeting.  An email will issued shortly with the following:

1)      M40 Update

2)      Auto City Date

3)      Gear Rule Specifics by track.

4)      April Tire Test Date

Everyone have a good off season and some productive time in those garages getting ready for our season opener on May 10th at Sandusky Speedway!

Your MSA Support Team


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